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20th Olympic Games 1972 – Munich (26.08.1972-10.09.1972)

The 20th Olympic Games of 1972 were allocated to Munich (GER) – 36 years after the celebrated but politically misused Berlin Games. The Olympic peace was shattered on the 11th day by a murderous attack by terrorists on the Israeli home in the Olympic village. After a day of mourning with no competitions being held, the Games continued in a sad atmosphere.

The main site for the equestrian events was an existing riding facility at Riem – not far from the then Munich airport – elaborately transformed in a jewel of an Olympic facility. There eventing and the individual jumping competition were held. The dressage competitions were presented in the garden of the baroque Nymphenburg castle – a truly unique and spectacular site. The team jumping competition was held, as it was the case from 1912 to 1976, in the main Olympic Stadium.

Six countries shared the 18 medals. The host country, Germany, won most: five, of which two gold. It was a slight disappointment: team gold in jumping, but no individual medal, only team silver in dressage and no individual medals in eventing. Great Britain won both gold medals in eventing – the Soviet Union beat the Germans in dressage and Italy won three medals, including individual jumping gold. 

Max E. Ammann, still foreign correspondent in New York (USA), attended the Munich Olympic Games as Journalist. He covered the three equestrian disciplines, among others, for the Chronicle of the Horse (USA) and Information Hippique (FRA). 

Jumping - individual competition (03.09.1972)

1.Graziano Mancinelli (ITA) – Ambassador
2.Ann Moore (GBR) – Psalm
3.Neal Shapiro (USA) – Sloopy

Jumping - team competition (11.09.1972)

        Fritz Ligges (FRG) – Robin
        Gerd Wiltfang (FRG) – Askan
        Hartwig Steenken (FRG) – Simona
        Hans Günter Winkler (FRG) – Torphy

2.United States of America
        Neal Shapiro (USA) – Sloopy
        Kathy Kusner (USA) – Fleet Apple
        Frank D. Chapot (USA) – White Lightning
        William C. Steinkraus (USA) - Main Spring

        Vittorio Orlandi (ITA) – Fulmer Feather Duster
        Graziano Manchinelli (ITA) – Ambassador
        Raimondo d’Inzeo (ITA) – Fiorello
        Piero d’Inzeo (ITA) – Easter Light

Dressage – individual competition (05.+07.+09.09.1972)

1.Liselott Linsenhoff (FRG) – Piaff
2.Elena Petushkova (URS) – Pepel
3.Josef Neckermann (FRG) - Venetia

Dressage – team competition (05.+07.09.1972)

1.Soviet Union
        Elena Petushkova (URS) – Pepel
        Ivan Kizimov (URS) – Ichor
        Ivan Kalita (URS) – Tarif

        Liselott Linsenhoff (FRG) – Piaff
        Josef Neckermann (FRG) – Venetia
        Karin Schlüter (FRG) – Liostro

        Ulla Hakanson (SWE) – Ajax
        Ninna Swaab (SWE) – Casanova
        Maud von Rosen (SWE) – Lucky Boy

Eventing – individual competition (29.08.1972-01.09.1972)

1.Richard Meade (GBR) – Laurieston
2.Alessandro Argenton (ITA) – Woodland
3.Jan Jönsson (SWE) -Sarajewo

Eventing – team competition (29.08.1972-01.09.1972)

1.Great Britain
        Richard Meade (GBR) – Laurieston
        Mary Gordon-Watson (GBR) – Cornishman V
        Bridget Parker (GBR) – Cornish Gold
        Mark Phillips (GBR) – Great Ovation

2.United States of America
        Kevin Freeman (USA) – Good Mixture
        Bruce Davidson (USA) – Plain Sailing
        J. Michael Plumb (USA) – Free and Easy
        James Wofford (USA) – Kilkenny

        Harry Klugmann (FRG) – Christopher Robert
        Lutz Gössing (FRG) – Chicago
        Karl Schultz (FRG) – Pisco
        Horst Karsten (FRG) - Sioux