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BSC Young Boys > UEFA Cup 2006/2007: BSC Young Boys - Olympique Marseille


The UEFA Cup Qualification Match Round 2 between BSC Young Boys (SUI) and Olympique Marseille (FRA) took place on 10.08.2006 in the Stade de Suisse Wankdorf in Bern (SUI).

Ralph Ammann was working as Head of Events and Marketing at Stade de Suisse Nationalstadion AG. In this function he was also coordinator and head of project for the UEFA Cup qualification matches of BSC Young Boys.

BSC Young Boys (SUI) - Olympique Marseille (FRA) 3:3 (1:2)

Stadium: Stade de Suisse Wankdorf, Bern (SUI)
Spectators: 18'273
Referee: Bernhard Brugger (AUT)
Goals: 18. Zubar 0:1; 20. Yakin 1:1; 44. Niang 1:2; 49. João Paulo 2:2; 57. Niang 2:3; 73. Marcos 3:3. 

Team BSC Young Boys: Wölfli; Gohouri, Milicevic, Tiago (46. João Paulo), Hodel; Delfim; Schwegler, Raimondi; Yakin (67. Häberli); Varela, Marcos 

Team Olympique Marseille: Carrasso; Beye, Zubar, Cesar, Taiwo; Oruma, Cana; Bamogo (8. Cantareil), Nasri, Maoulida (68. Ribery); Niang (75. Civelli) 

Remarks: BSC Young Boys complet.
Cards: 5. Taiwo (foul - red card). 9. Zubar (unsporty behaviour). 16. Cana (foul). 18. Gohouri (foul). 41. Maoulida (unsporty behaviour). 45. Varela (foul). 71. Zubar (foul - red card).