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Expo.02 > Arteplage Neuchâtel

The Arteplage Neuchâtel is designed to be a vast artificial landscape docked to the town. The theme "Nature and Artifice" is illustrated using illusion and inversion of meaning to great effect. So everything generally considered as artificial is treated as natural and vice versa.

The Forum, a massive 26'000 m2 platform, is an artificial island above the water level. Three floating pebble-like roofs, the Galets, suspended over the platform, offer protection and shade. The Forum is surrounded by a large artificial reed bed, les Roseaux, which sways in the wind.

> Architect: Multipack, Neuchâtel (SUI)

Myriam Neuhaus was working for Expo.02 as Press Officer at the directorate events. She was taking care of the German and Italian speaking medias.
Ralph Ammann was Head of Events Arteplage Neuchâtel and, until 2001, Manager of Logistics for the directorate events during the preparation phase of Expo.02.

Photo: NeuchatelVille