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Expo.02 > Swiss National Exposition - Planning logistics

During the preparation phase Ralph Ammann was responsible for the creation of the respective logistic concepts for the directorate events, in cooperation with the project managers of the concerned Directorates, especially the general concept of the direcotate events, the accreditation concept and the ticketing concept. In addition he implemented the needs of the directorate events in the following fields: transport, security, cleaning, telecommunication, energy and signalisation.

Expo.02 - The first Swiss National exhibition in the new Millennium. 39 exhibitions and over 13‘500 events made the 3-lakes-region during 159 days the center of Switzerland. Many millions of people visited, from 15.05.2002 to 20.10.2002 the four sites on the lakes of Neuchâtel, Bienne and Murten and were part of this huge and unforgettable happening.

Ralph Ammann was Head of Events Arteplage Neuchâtel and, until 2001, Manager of Logistics for the directorate events during the preparation phase of Expo.02.