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Input from Myriam Neuhaus: Creating together with a social impact.

At irregular intervals, Myriam Neuhaus writes a contribution on social topics and projects, realised with a dose of magic and good vibes, in the social media.

Quartieroase.Bern is a bottom-up initiative, a project from the population for the population. Initiated by me and Janine Eichenberger, further developed in #LifeHacks and #Workshops with people from the Länggasse-Neighbourhood in Bern. With the aim of creating a meeting place for everyone, together with many. The project is connected to the planned Viererfeld- Park in Bern and arose from the need to be involved from the beginning.

Visible on site since 2017 as a temporary meeting place. Thanks to the numerous visits and discussions, the infrastructure is being adapted and tested again and again. In this way, the needs of the population flow directly into the project.

In 2019, Quartieroase.Bern moves to the Viererfeld in Bern. The new infrastructure now offers even more: more space, electricity from the solar system and hot and cold water. What remains: everyone has the opportunity to offer activities for many.  

More about the project and what is going on in the Quartieroase.Bern can be found here:

A big thank you to all those who have contributed and stayed involved with their valuable support, the good vibes and the joy of being able to turn an idea into something real. 

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