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Input from Myriam Neuhaus: Where do the best ideas come from?

At irregular intervals, Myriam Neuhaus writes a contribution on social topics in the social media.

Where do the best ideas come from, I was asked recently. "While cooking, over coffee or an aperitif." Sounds pretty obvious, doesn't it? Where people come together, there's exchange. Where exchange takes place, new things are created or familiar things are adapted and renewed. Today, we often use digital platforms for this - social media. This is where we collect information or exchange ideas, regardless of time and place. But does an exchange also take place here that gives rise to an idea and develops it further? Ideas need support so that they become reality. Financially, but not only. Ideas become projects when people contribute to them, exchange ideas, look at them from different angles and question them critically. Ideas can grow, become concrete and visible through participation. So where do the best ideas come from? Not the where is relevant but the how. What is important are the ingredients and the support you give the idea to grow and develop. An idea needs listeners and helpers. It becomes a practical project when there is feedback and motivation. And lives from exchange - from person to person, with head and heart.

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