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UEFA Euro 2008 - Event TV > Video

Pure entertainment in the 8 UEFA Euro 2008-Stadiums in Switzerland and Austria.

Faro TV produced in collaboration with network4events for UEFA (Union Européennes de Football Associations) the Spectators Warm Up (entertainment for the spectators from the moment the doors are open) in eight stadia’s in Switzerland and Austria during the UEFA Euro 2008.

Client: UEFA / Product: Stadion TV (Spectators warm up) / Production company: FaroTV / Head of project: Chris Hanselmann / Head of production: Raphael Hug / Head of operations: Ralph Ammann / Producer Geneva & Berne: Etienne Marti / Producer Zurich & Basel: Stefan Klameth / Producer Innsbruck & Klagenfurt: Jeffrey Scott Hager / Producer Vienna & Salzburg: Aegidius Mair