media economy > tourism Project management & coordination

The action plan created by network4events set following priorities in implementation and coordination:

- Reception of tourists, visitors and guests
- Info-Points in the cities and hotels
- Information for the public
- Decoration of cities

- Media work (Regional, national and international)
- Media conferences and media releases
- Media partnerships
- Logo, slogan
- Website
- Newsletter

- Flyer (Nyon, Lausanne and Vevey)
- Adjustments of tourist publications of the region

Public relations
- Invitations of UEFA and UEFA Euro 2008 SA
- Events with the teams
- Events with the cantonal authorities and representatives of communities

- Organisation of school sports events with the slogan football
- Organisation of sporting events for the population

- Ensuring the transport and the corresponding communication

- Ensuring the safety and appropriate measures and their communication

network4events is responsible for the coordination of all events and activities in relation to UEFA’s Euro 2008; in the fields of live open air screening, team hotels, etc, on the whole territory of the canton, including aspects of tourism, economy, population and security.