network4events ag

to advice. to create. to network.

network4events supports enterprises and organisations in realizing their projects and events, in Switzerland and abroad. We advise you and allow you to realise ideas and projects. We create networks for humans and enterprises.

oriented towards solutions. wholeness.

network4events considers the whole in its complexity. Together we solve the challenges of our customers: creativ, careful and with efficiency. We ask questions on their projects and their events we analyse the actual situation, we listen and offer solutions to open fields. This may be in relation to co-coordination, the organization, the communication, the marketing or the sponsoring, as well as the logistics (accreditation, ticketing, security, construction, etc.) and also the controlling and the finances.

to formulate. to coordinate.

network4events produces ideas and incorporates them in the overall strategy. We work out concepts, we plan measures and realise them, we guide and coordinate your projects and events, and always keep the whole and overall picture in our sight.

personally. together.

network4events is a company led by its owners. We engage ourselves with brain and heart for the projects, as a team with a large knowledge and a long experience. When needed we work together with the partners in our network.

the human in the center.

network4events is burning for projects close to the heart. Consequently we initiate our own projects, we get involved in social themes and work in the center of our society. We are socially engaged and offer our knowledge and our network as volunteers in many projects.