Relay for Life is a ceremonial event to support people with cancer. The focus is on solidarity and the provision of funds for those affected by cancer. Local groups are active during one night and one day:

- to recognize people who live with cancer or who have overcome cancer
- commemorate people who have died because of cancer
- to work together against cancer and for life

The activity through the night symbolizes the will to persevere and to do something.

The label is owned by the American Cancer Society. The Bernese Cancer League and the Swiss Cancer League bring the event to Switzerland for the first time.

network4events supports the Bernese Cancer League and the local organisation committee in the coordination and organisation of the event.

> 01.07.2016 - 30.06.2017: Conception, support and coordination Relay for Life - Spiez 2017 (Myriam Neuhaus & Ralph Ammann)

> Bernische Krebsliga (Bernese Cancer League)