The Besucherzentrum ewb, the newest visitor center of Energie Wasser Bern (ewb), located on 360 square meters in the Energiezentrale Forsthaus in Berne (SUI), shows a playful scale exhibition to the world of Energie Wasser Bern, which was developed by a consortium of Kunstumsetzung GmbH and iart AG in close cooperation with the client.

What alternative renewable energy sources are available? What is meant by Smart Grid? What are the advantages of the fiber optic network? How produces the Energiezentrale Forsthaus electricity, steam and district heating out of wood, garbage and gas? This and much more questions can be explored in the exposition.

Visitors can approach independently the world of energy and water supply, telecommunications and mobility with a wooden plug used as an interaction tool. They can expand their knowledge and follow up their visit with a personal link to the webpage of Energie Wasser Bern. Thematically associated sockets are used for selectively interaction with the exhibition - the insertion of the wooden plug starts the presentation: A seemingly endless spinning wheel stops, and the history of perpetual motion is told audiovisual; different stories on the theme of water can be selected and are projected to the ground; various monitor installations can be activated; the topics Energiezentrale Forsthaus and Smart Grid can be explored on wall or model projections by audio or visually; and in the walk-in model of a nuclear cooling tower, the story to nuclear power starts.

Myriam Neuhaus was working as Head of Project Communication Energiezentrale Forsthaus and Besucherzentrum ewb. In this function she was responsible for the communication on the new production site Energiezentrale Forsthaus. In addition she was initiating and coordinating the project Besucherzentrum ewb, accompanied construction activity and established all operations concepts.

> 01.10.2010 - 31.12.2013: Head of Project Energiezentrale Forsthaus and Besucherzentrum ewb (Myriam Neuhaus)
> 01.05.2011 - 30.06.2013: Backoffice and coordination (Ralph Ammann)

> Energie Wasser Bern (ewb)
> iart AG (SUI)
> Kunstumsetzung GmbH (SUI)