What is the museum of the future? What formats attract new audiences? How to involve more visitors? "Museomix" is considering the public's view of the museum and is creating new accesses to museums and their collections. For 72 hours, the museum becomes a laboratory of ideas where young talents from design, computer, science, culture and mediation develop functional prototypes and then present them to the public.

The idea arose in 2011 in Paris and has since spread rapidly around the globe: Museomix will bring an impressive list of new ideas into museums.

Myriam Neuhaus coordinated the first event in the German part of Switzerland, supported the partners in the realisation of the project and also was responsible for the German-speaking media.

Myriam Neuhaus supports the association Museomix CH in establishing a professional organisational structure.

> 01.07.2015 - 31.10.2015: Coordinator Museomix Bern 2015 (Myriam Neuhaus)
> 01.17.2015 - 31.10.2015: Finances Museomix Bern 2015 (Ralph Ammann)

> Association Museomix CH
> Museum of Communication Bern (Host museum 2015)