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25th Olympic Games 1992 – Barcelona (25.07.1992-09.08.1992)

The 25th Olympic Games returned to Europe, to Barcelona (ESP), the capital of Catalonia in Spain. In fact they were Games of the Catalans, with many more Catalan flags than Spanish visible in the city.

With the exception of dressage and the endurance phases of Eventing, all equestrian competitions were held in the Royal Club de Polo, a fancy 21 hectare property near the big football stadium of FC Barcelona. For eventing dressage and the endurance part the 82 riders and horses moved to El Montanya Country Club, a one hour drive from Barcelona.

The 18 equestrian medals were again shared by seven countries, and once again Germany earned a majority of them. Ludger Beerbaum won individual Jumping gold – the German Dressage riders took all three individual medals and consequently also won team gold. The German eventers took silver and bronze. The Netherlands won team gold in Jumping, individual silver in Jumping and team silver in Dressage. The biggest surprise was Austria winning team silver in Jumping. 

Max E. Ammann, World Cup Director and at the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) in charge of communication was foreseen to have this role also in Barcelona. After one of the biggest disasters in Olympic equestrian history, the farce of the qualification for the individual Jumping final, the two officials responsible met the international press without professional help. The qualification catastrophe resulted from a faulty qualification system and bad course design. The course designer, a Spanish without international experience and the technical delegate, an obscure South American, ignored the proposals for a formal press conference to attempt damage control, but faced the international press by answering questions in the middle of the press room. Disaster followed disaster.

Jumping - individual competition (04.+07.+09.08.1992)

1.Ludger Beerbaum (GER) – Classic Touch
2.Piet Raymakers (NED) – Ratina Z
3.Norman Dello Joio (USA) – Irish

Jumping - team competition (04.08.1992)

        Piet Raymakers (NED) – Ratina
        Bert Romp (NED) – Waldo
        Jan Tops (NED) – Top Gun
        Jos Lansink (NED) – Egano

        Boris Boor (AUT) – Love Me Tender
        Jörg Münzner (AUT) – Graf Grande
        Hugo Simon (AUT) – Apricot D
        Thomas Frühmann (AUT) – Genius

        Hervé Godignon (FRA) – Quidam de Revel
        Hubert Bourdy (FRA) – Razzia du Poncel
        Michel Robert (FRA) – Nonix
        Eric Navet (FRA) – Quito de Baussy

Dressage – individual competition (02.-03+05.08.1992)

1.Nicole Uphoff (GER) – Rembrandt
2.Isabell Werth (GER) – Gigolo
3.Klaus Balkenhol (GER) – Goldstern

Dressage – team competition (02.-03.08.1992)

        Nicole Uphoff (GER) – Rembrandt
        Monica Theodorescu (GER) – Grunox
        Isabell Werth (GER) – Gigolo
        Klaus Balkenhol (GER) – Goldstern

        Anky van Grunsven (NED) – Olympic Bonfire
        Annemarie Sanders (NED) – Olympic Montreux
        Tineke Bartels (NED) – Olympic Courage
        Ellen Bontje (NED) – Olympic Larius

3.United States of America
        Charlotte Bredahl (USA) – Monsieur
        Michael Poulin (USA) – Graf George
        Robert Dover (USA) – Lectron
        Carol Lavell (USA) – Gifted

Eventing – individual competition (27.07.1992-30.07.1992)

1.Matthew Ryan (AUS) – Kibah Tic Toc
2.Herbert Blöcker (GER) – Feine Dame
3.Blyth Tait (NZL) – Messiah

Eventing – team competition (27.07.1992-30.07.1992)

        David Green (AUS) – Duncan
        Gillian Rolton (AUS) – Peppermint Grove
        Andrew Hoy (AUS) – Kiwi
        Matthew Ryan (AUS) – Kibah Tic Toc

2.New Zealand
        Andrew Nicholson (NZL) – Spinning Rhombus
        Vicky Latta (NZL) – Chief
        Blyth Tait (NZL) – Messiah
        Mark Todd (NZL) – Welton Greylag

        Matthias Baumann (GER) – Alabaster
        Cord Mysegaes (GER) – Ricardo
        Ralf Ehrenbrink (GER) – Kildare
        Herbert Blöcker (GER) – Feine Dame