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23rd Olympic Games 1984 – Los Angeles (28.07.1984-12.08.1984)

The financial disaster of Montreal (CAN) 1976 had reduced the field of candidates for 1984 to only one. Thus the IOC, at its session of 1978, had to hand the 23rd Games to Los Angeles (USA) – at their conditions. The Los Angeles Organising Committee succeeded to put on their Games without public financing from tax payers –but with income from the private sector: tv-sales, sponsorship, franchising and ticket sales. With the exception of the swimming arena, a velodrome and a shooting range, existing installations were updated.

For the equestrian disciplines the celebrated Santa Anita race track was chosen. This meant an existing management could be used, which proved beneficial. For the cross-country of Eventing all dislocated to the County Club facility at Fairbanks Ranch, some 160 km south of Los Angeles. For the first time no Jumping competition was held in the main Olympic Stadium. The Disney people, responsible for the Closing Ceremony there, needed the stadium already before noon, necessitating the first Jumping horse in the arena at 5 am, which was not acceptable.

Again seven countries shared the 18 medals. The USA with five and Germany with four were the most successful. Great Britain and Switzerland won three medals each. The US Americans won both gold medals in Jumping, earned gold and silver in Eventing but were out of the medals in Dressage. 

Max E. Ammann, by that time Director of the World Cup Jumping, was hired by the US tv-network ABC as co-commentator and researcher. He sat in the ABC commentator’s box next to the famous ABC sport announcer Chris Schenkel (USA) and former Olympic champion Bill Steinkraus (USA)

Jumping - individual competition (12.08.1984)

1.Joe Fargis (USA) – Touch of Class
2.Conrad Homfeld (USA) – Abdullah
3.Heidi Robbiani (SUI) – Jessica

Jumping - team competition (07.08.1984)

1.United States
        Joe Fargis (USA) – Touch of Class
        Leslie Burr (USA) – Albany
        Conrad Homfeld (USA) – Abdullah
        Melanie Smith (USA) – Calypso

2.Great Britain
        Michael Whitaker (GBR) – Overton Amanda
        Steven Smith (GBR) – Shining Example
        Tim Grubb (GBR) – Linky
        John Whitaker (GBR) – Ryans Son

        Fritz Ligges (FRG) – Ramzes
        Franke Sloothaak (FRG) – Farmer
        Peter Luther (FRG) – Livius
        Paul Schockemöhle (FRG) – Deister

Dressage – individual competition (08.-10.08.1984)

1.Reiner Klimke (FRG) – Ahlerich
2.Anne-Grethe Jensen (DEN) – Marzog
3.Otto Hofer (SUI) - Limandus

Dressage – team competition (08.-09.08.1984)

        Herbert Krug (FRG) – Muscadeur
        Uwe Sauer (FRG) – Montevideo
        Reiner Klimke (FRG) – Ahlerich

        Otto Hofer (SUI) – Limandus
        Christine Stückelberger (SUI) – Tansanit
        Amy-Cathérine de Bary (SUI) – Aintree

        Louise Nathhorst (SWE) – Inferno
        Ingamay Bylund (SWE) – Aleks
        Ulla Hakanson (SWE) – Flamingo

Eventing – individual competition (29.07.1984-03.08.1984)

1.Mark Todd (NZL) – Charisma
2.Karen Stives (USA) – Ben Arthur
3.Virginia Holgate (GBR) – Priceless

Eventing – team competition (29.07.1984-03.08.1984)

1.United States of America
        J. Michael Plumb (USA) – Blue Stone
        Karen Stives (USA) – Ben Arthur
        Torrance Fleischman (USA) – Finvarra
        Bruce Davidson (USA) – J.J.Babu

2.Great Britain
        Virginia Holgate (GBR) – Priceless
        Ian Stark (GBR) – Oxford Blue
        Diana Clapham (GBR) – Windjammer
        Lucinda Green (GBR) – Regal Realm

        Dietmar Hogrefe (FRG) – Foliant
        Bettina Overesch (FRG) – Peacetime
        Burkhard Tesdorpf (FRG) – Freedom
        Claus Erhorn (FRG) – Fair Lady