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27th Olympic Games 2000 – Sydney (15.09.2000-01.10.2000)

The Olympic Games of 2000 were awarded to Sydney (AUS) in 1993. Two month later the Organising Committee SOCOG was established. A budget of 2.3 billion AUSD was put together, with the New South Wales Regional Government underwriting all costs of building new venues.

It was the second time that the Olympic Games were held in Australia and this time the veterinary regulations were more accommodating, while still severe. For 1956 Melbourne (AUS), the horses would have gone into 6 month pre-shipping quarantine (which led to the separate Equestrian Olympic Games in Stockholm (SWE)). This time the Australians demanded 2 weeks pre-shipping quarantine and two more weeks after arrival on site. For the equestrian events SOCOG build an exemplary site at Horsley Park, some 30 km west of Sydney. After the organisational shortcomings of Atlanta (USA) in 1996, Sydney 2000 were probably the most enjoyable Olympic Games in the present times: charm, hospitality, efficiency, knowledge, friendliness and helpfulness. 

Nine countries shared the 18 equestrian medals of 2000. Germany and the Netherlands with four each (each two gold medals) were the most successful. The most surprising medal was bronze, won by Khaled Al Eid from Saudi Arabia in the individual Jumping competition. 

Max E. Ammann, still Director of the World Cup Jumping, attended the Sydney Olympic Games as Media Relations Officer of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI). Ralph Ammann was Media Relations Assistant of the FEI. 

Jumping - individual competition (25.+28.07.+01.10.2000)

1.Jeroen Dubbeldam (NED) – Sjiem
2.Albert Voorn (NED) – Lando
3.Khaled Al-Eid (KSA) – Khashm Al Aan

Jumping - team competition (28.09.2000)

        Marcus Ehning (GER) – For Pleasure
        Otto Becker (GER) – Cento
        Lars Nieberg (GER) – Esprit FRH
        Ludger Beerbaum (GER) – Goldfever

        Lesley McNaught (SUI) – Dulf
        Markus Fuchs (SUI) – Tinka’s Boy
        Beat Mändli (SUI) – Pozitano
        Willi Melliger (SUI) – Calvaro

        Luiz Felipe Azevedo (BRA) – Ralph
        André Johannpeter (BRA) – Calei
        Alvaro Miranda Neto (BRA) – Aspen
        Rodrigo Pessoa (BRA) – Baloubet du Rouet

Dressage – individual competition (26.-30.09.2000)

1.Anky van Grunsven (NED) – Bonfire
2.Isabell Werth (GER) – Gigolo
3.Ulla Salzgeber (GER) - Rusty

Dressage – team competition (26.-27.09.2000)

        Isabell Werth (GER) – Gigolo
        Alexandra Simons de Ridder (GER) – Chacomo
        Ulla Salzgeber (GER) – Rusty
        Nadine Capellmann (GER) – Farbenfroh

        Anky van Grunsven (NED) – Bonfire
        Ellen Bontje (NED) – Silvano
        Arjen Teeuwissen (NED) – Goliath
        Coby van Baalen (NED) – Ferro

3.United States of America
        Robert Dover (USA) – Ranier
        Susan Blinks (USA) – Flim Flam
        Guenter Seidel (USA) – Foltaire
        Christine Traurig (USA) – Etienne

Eventing – individual competition (20.-22.09.2000)

1.David O’Connor (USA) – Custom Made
2.Andrew Hoy (AUS) – Swizzle In
3.Mark Todd (NZL) – Eyespy

Eventing – team competition (26.-19.09.2000)

        Andrew Hoy (AUS) – Darien Powers
        Phillip Dutton (AUS) – House Doctor
        Stuart Tinney (AUS) – Jeepster
        Matthew Ryan (AUS) – Kibah Sandstone

2.Great Britain
        Jeanette Brakewell (GBR) – Over To You
        Leslie Law (GBR) – Shear H2O
        Pippa Funnell (GBR) – Supreme Rock
        Ian Stark (GBR) - Jaybee

3.United States of America
        David O’Connor (USA) – Giltedge
        Nina Fout (USA) – 3 Magic Beans
        Linden Wiesman (USA) – Anderoo
        Karen O’Connor (USA) – Prince Panache