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21st Olympic Games 1976 – Montreal (17.07.1976-01.08.1976)

The choice of Montreal (CAN) to host the 21st Olympic Games was a compromise after the two fiercely competing cities of Los Angeles (USA) and Moscow (URS) could not get the necessary votes. Resulting from bad planning, questionable dealings and a political tug-of-war, the Montreal Olympics became the biggest financial disaster. In fact the effective costs of staging the games were more than double the estimate.

The equestrian competitions (with the exception of team Jumping) were held in the town of Bromont. The original offer to develop the site was 1 million Canadian dollars – the final invoice by developer Desourdy was 4.5 million – and all the installations became the property of Desourdy’s firm.

Seven nations shared the 18 equestrian medals. Again Germany won most of them: two each in Jumping and Eventing, three in Dressage. The host country, Canada, could earn one medal: silver in individual Jumping. The United States won four medals. None, to everybody’s surprise in Jumping, but three in Eventing and probably the biggest surprise of all, team bronze in Dressage. 

Max E. Ammann, by that time chief editor of the Swiss daily, Luzerner Tagblatt, and, since 1974, President of the International Alliance of Equestrian Journalists (IAEJ), attended the Montreal Games as journalist and delegate of the IAEJ. In the latter function he held the first equestrian press conference ever with the then President of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), Prince Philip, as well as with Professor Bobylev (URS) and Olympic Course Designer Barbara Kemp (CAN). 

Jumping - individual competition (27.07.1976)

1.Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG) – Warwick Rex
2.Michel Vaillancourt (CAN) – Branch County
3.François Mathy (BEL) – Gai Luron

Jumping - team competition (01.08.1976)

        Hubert Parot (FRA) – Rivage
        Marc Roguet (FRA) – Belle de Mars
        Michel Roche (FRA) – Un Espoir
        Marcel Rozier (FRA) – Bayard de Maupas

        Paul Schockemöhle (FRG) – Agent
        Sönke Sönksen (FRG) – Kwept
        Hans Günter Winkler (FRG) – Torphy
        Alwin Schockemöhle (FRG) – Warwick Rex

        Henry-Edgar Cuepper (BEL) – Le Champion
        Stanny van Paesschen (BEL) – Porsche
        Eric Wauters (BEL) – Gute Sitte
        François Mathy (BEL) – Gai Luron

Dressage – individual competition (28.-30.07.1976)

1.Christine Stückelberger (SUI) – Granat
2.Harry Boldt (FRG) – Woycek
3.Reiner Klimke (FRG) - Mehmed

Dressage – team competition (28.-29.07.1976)

        Harry Boldt (FRG) – Woycek
        Reiner Klimke (FRG) – Mehmed
        Gabriela Grillo (FRG) – Ultimo

        Christine Stückelberger (SUI) – Granat
        Ulrich Lehmann (SUI) – Widin
        Doris Ramseier (SUI) – Roch

3.United States of America
        Hilda Gurney (USA) – Keen
        Dorothy Morkis (USA) – Monaco
        Edith L. Master (USA) – Dahlwitz

Eventing – individual competition (22.07.1976-25.07.1976)

1.Tad Coffin (USA) – Bally Cor
2.J. Michael Plumb (USA) – Better and Better
3.Karl Schulz (FRG) – Madrigal

Eventing – team competition (22.07.1976-25.07.1976)

1.United States of America
        Tad Coffin (USA) – Bally Cor
        J. Michael Plumb (USA) – Better and Better
        Bruce Davidson (USA) – Irish Cap
        Mary-Anne Tauskey (USA) – Marcus Aurelius

        Karl Schultz (FRG) – Madrigal
        Herbert Blöcker (FRG) – Albrant
        Helmut Rethemeier (FRG) – Pauline
        Otto Ammermann (FRG) - Volturno

        Wayne Roycroft (AUS) – Laurenson
        Mervyn Bennett (AUS) – Regal Reign
        William Roycroft (AUS) – Version
        Denis Pigott (AUS) – Hillstead